About Royale Oil

Provides services for government energy departments, material companies, chemical enterprises, construction enterprises, non-ferrous metal smelting enterprises, energy distributors, fuel suppliers, industrial users, refineries, and bulk commodity trading companies.

Oneroad Energy (Cambodia) Co.Ltd is a energy commodity trading company under Oneroad Group. The company is doing different types of products such as crude oil ,gas oil,gasoline, LPG,base oil ,sulphur ,bitumen ,RPO etc petroleum and petrochemical products.The energy business history can trace back to 2012,from  Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Now Oneroad Energy is located  in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. 

The growth strategy of Oneroad Energy Ltd. is to trade worldwide,especially share the main main market in South Asia.

Royale is a lube oil brand under Oneroad Energy and produced &manufactured by UAE refineries.Royale is well equipped with its R & D quality control, with experts that analyze product quality control.


Royale is lube brand of Oneroad Energy  (cambodia) Co.Ltd. which under Oneroad Group, who is doing investment, Oil & Gas, Refinery Products, VIP convoy business in South Asia, head Office  located in Phnom Phen, Cambodia.

There are many factors that our organization can contribute more in the market and to our people’s lives, the key to our firm’s growth and success is the quality of our products and the values and enthusiasm of our management and the whole team, in the ever fast-moving of our oil customers’ demands and requirements thru our professionalism and dedication that serves to satisfy our customer.


To be a competitive lubricant in the world


To offer and produce high-quality services and oil products to our customers abroad with consistency and effectiveness.


  1. Safety is our priority
  2. Commitment to be motivated and work on it is deeply seen and to likely to go through and deliver the best for our customers and to our peers in terms of dealing and dedication at work.
  3. We always work on the development and transparency towards the improvement of our services and relationship internally and externally.
  4. We aim to be competitive and provide high standard services to meet once expectations and requirements.
  5. We plan and support our company’s one goal to sustain developments and improvements for quality and quantity production and performances.
  6. We value and respect our colleague’s meritocracy and participatory procedures for equal opportunities.
  7. We apply high standards of Corporate Governance, with Reliability and Transparent Procedures.
  8. We value our customers and establish long-term relationships.
  9. We invest in equipment and technology innovation to continuously improve and develop our expertise.