The Organization is successfully led by our team of experts through innovation and quality performance, the world’s future commodity and energy solutions lie here. we make it our mission to do that responsibly. Our mission is to offer and produce high-quality services and oil products to our customers abroad with consistency and effectiveness. We do our work by our standard process and international quality standard.

  • International quality products
  • R & D Controlled
  • Talented, vigorous competent, and an expert team specialized in oil trading
  • Sophisticated refinery
  • Deliver in timely manner


Royale Oil products have been tested and used by many of our customers.  Royale Oil has a different wide range of products engine oil, gear oils, greases, specialties for Vehicles, Marine, and Engine transmission, blended with our advanced additive technologies, every product is designed to enhance performance, reliability, and longevity for your use. Royale is a diversified oil product that caters to Automotive and industrial lubricants. Our team did research and produced a high-quality lubricant. It is designed and studied by our technology and oil experts. It has been proved to be reliable and cost-saving to businesses. The quality of our product Royale oil lubricants helps our customers prolong their equipment life span, sustain to increase the efficiency of their equipment, and remarkably reduce vehicle and equipment downtime.